School Tours at Colaiste Muire

School trips are opportunities to engage in active learning. Pupils have the opportunity to experience things in a new and exciting way. They can be an invaluable learning experience. Already this year our third years have been to the Dáil and attended an Irish Soccer match the same day.

Recent school outings have included:

  • School tour to Germany
  • Camping trip to the Aran Islands
  • Adventure Centres
  • Trip to Manchester – (which included a visit to a Man-U match)
  • The Bureen, Co Clare


Account of Aran Islands – TY 2011

On the 16 of May, 15 geographers set sail for Inis Mór, under the watchful eye of Íníon Ní Lachtnáin and Íníon Ní Mháille. We had relatively calm waters and a blue sky for our boat trip. Some wish they had taken their sea legs before travelling!! On arrival our tour Guide, Michael Gibbons met us and so began our mystery tour through the terrain of Inis Mór. All the theory learned in class came alive as we explored the cliffs, caves, rocks, stonewalls, soil and plant life of the limestone Island. Íníon Ní Lachtnáin ensured we kept the balance of history and geography and steered us in the direction of Dun Aengus on our second day. Climbing Dun Aengus was a tiresome task but reaching the summit of the promontory fort made it worth the effort. When we look at the ruins of this wonderful creation we must applaud the craftsmanship and engineering skills of our Celtic ancestors. The locals were very friendly and conversation flowed easily, as we found their Irish very easy to understand. We enjoyed the educational experience and thank you to the teachers who accompanied us.