SPHE at the Coláiste

Coláiste Muire recognises the importance of SPHE (Social Personal & Health Education) and has a full SPHE programme in place within the school. SPHE is concerned with the personal development of students and with his/her health and well-being. It is one of the most important areas of a students education. It helps students to understand how to care for themselves and it fosters in them a sense of responsibility for their own actions.

  • Aims of SPHE in Coláiste Muire

    • To enable the students to develop skills for self-fulfillment and living in communities.
    • To enable the students to develop a framework for responsible decision-making.
    • To promote self-esteem and self-confidence.
    • To provide opportunities for reflection and discussion.
    • To promote physical, mental and emotional health and well being.
  • SPHE is carried out over first year to third year and it covers ten key modules:

    • Belonging and Integrating
    • Self-Management
    • Communication Skills
    • Physical Health
    • Friendship
    • Relationships and Sexuality
    • Emotional Health
    • Influences and Decisions
    • Substance Misuse
    • Personal Safety