The School Day at Coláiste Muire

Coláiste Muire’s daily schedule begins each day at 9:00am with assembly and finishes at 15:30pm. There are nine class periods over the course of the day.

Absenting oneself from class without a teacher’s permission is a very serious offence.

A student who wishes to leave the school grounds must have written permission from a parent/guardian and permission from the school authorities. The note must specify the identity of the person collecting the child in the event that it is not the parent/guardian. The person collecting the child must “sign the child out” in the school office. A note of explanation, signed by a parent/guardian, is required on the first day back after any absence.

Daily Schedule

9:05 Rang 1
9:45 Rang 2
10:20 Rang 3
11:00 Sos
11:15 Rang 4
11:50 Rang 5
12:25 Rang 6
1:05 Lón
1:45 Rang 7
2:20 Rang 8
2:55 Rang 9
3:30 Críoch

Bus Times

Depart Arrive
Westport (Mill Street) 8:10 4:15
Casltebar (Hanleys) 8:20 4:00
Finney 8:15 4:00
Ballinrobe (Garda Stn) 8:30 4:00