Transition Year In Coláiste Muire

  • What is the TY programme?

    Transition Year is a one year programme between the Junior and Senior cycles. It gives students an opportunity to grow, develop and learn free from the pressures of State Examinations. A wide range of subjects is offered that present a stimulating intellectual challenge and enrich the learning experience. From September 2014 Transition Year in Coláiste Muire has been compulsory for all students.

  • The Benefits of TY in Coláiste Muire

    • Prepare young people for their role as independent citizens in society through their experience of adult & working life.
    • Encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning and decision making.
    • Provides experiential learning and subject sampling.
    • Develop the students’ talents, skills and abilities.
    • Development of the imagination and the emotions, communication skills, co-operation and teamwork.
  • Academic Programme at Coláiste Muire

    During this year the students are introduced to the Leaving Certificate and at least 40% of the timetable is devoted to the study of the academic subjects. Every subject offered for the Leaving Certificate is on the Transition Year Programme. Students must adhere to the transition year programme. Each student has the opportunity to experience a selection of options before making his final subject choice for the Leaving Certificate.

  • Other Courses & Activities

    • Foreign Trip & Outdoor Activities
    • Mini Company – Get up and go!!
    • I.T. course leading to Microsoft Certification
    • Film & Video Making
    • GAA coaching award
    • First Aid
    • Production of the school magazine
    • Workshop on Law
    • Visiting guest speakers are invited to speak on a wide range of issues
    • Gardening
    • French
    • Choir
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Public Speaking
    • Music and Media Studies
    • Student Mentoring
Did You Know?
According to statistics, TY students are less likely to drop out of college.

Also, those who do TY tend to get 40 - 60 more points in their Leaving Certificate.